RFID Banden

Roline: Tracking and tracing of truck tires

Roline supplies truck- and bus tires of a new tread. In cooperation with Roline, Ferm RFID solutions developed an integrated solution that enables Roline to follow the tires through the whole production chain. Thanks to this application Roline’s customers can improves their fleet management considerably.
They have more control over their processes and can see where the tires and their fleet are and what is happening with the tires. Besides developing a specific tag, Ferm RFID solutions defines the RFID structure and architecture and interfacing for Roline with the existing ERP- and WMS system. Download the case study (PDF). www.roline.nl

LeCont: Tracking and tracing cart tires

Ferm RFID solutions has developed a RFID tag for LeCont. The tag ensures optimal control over the lifecycle and quality of the tires. Stock management, production logistics and supply chain production improve.

LeCont can follow the tires during the cart races. The quality of the data is optimal, which reduces the countless required check-ups on the tires, which in turn reduces the wages for this task. www.lecont.com

Vredestein: tracking and tracing of car tires

Ferm RFID solutions developed an integrated RFID tag and the RFID readers for the car tires of Vredestein. The reading distance is over 4 meters and this way unique tires as well as pallets with up to 20 tires can be read and identified simultaneously. 

With this RFID application Vredestein can follow the tires through the entire life cycle and the complete production chain. Using this technology Vredestein makes great progress in the efficiency of supply chain managemet, production logistics and stock management. www.vredestein.com


Heineken: Tracking & tracing of beer kegs

Ferm RFID solutions has supported Heineken with several steps towards implementing RFID technology. Ferm RFID solutions designed a roadmap and a proof of concept was performed. Ferm RFID solutions designed a tag that has the same robustness as the kegs itself.

By applying RFID Heineken is now able to follow the kegs throughout the whole production chain; from production to the client and back. With RFID great advantages have been made in the field of asset management, production logistics, stock management, food- and consumer safety and proof of delivery. www.heineken.com



Stichting Versfust: tracking & tracing of caskets and crates

The Dutch food authorities (CBL & FNLI) have established Stichting VersFust.  VersFust aspires to optimize the efficiency of fresh food distribution and to reduce the costs in the production chain by embedding the use of standard fresh food crates. RFID can contribute to this cause.

Ferm RFID solutions' consultants carried out a pilot and several studies to explore the possibilities. A technical solution was designed to automatically tag 23.000.000 caskets within the food production chain also an implementation plan was suggested to face this logistical challenge. Tagged caskets and crates can be followed through the whole distribution chain. Through this advantages are made in the field of asset- and goods management, supply chain management, proof of delivery, stock management, production logistics and food- and consumer safety. www.cblfust.nl

FrieslandCampina: tracking and tracing trolleys

Ferm RFID solutions has performed a business case study and has designed a roadmap for the tagging of milk trolleys. This was commissioned by FrieslandCampina. The application of RFID makes the complete chain of production transparent. Mistakes in the chain are minimalized and the quality and efficiency will strongly improve.

Advantages are made in the field of food- and consumer safety, asset- and goods management, supply chain management and stock management. www.frieslandcampina.com

CBL & FNLI: Tracking & tracing casks and crates

Ferm RFID solutions has done several studies in the field of process improvements in the food sector using RFID technology. These studies were commissioned by the Dutch food authorities (CBL & FNLI) Based on the results of these studies all parties have developed an implementation plan to realize RFID in the chain.

Chances primarily lie in the area of asset- and goods management, supply chain management, proof of delivery, stock management, production logistics and food- and consumer safety. www.cbl.nl and www.fnli.nl



BHV Expo Group: tracking & tracing of tarpaulins

Ferm RFID solutions has developed a RFID tag for BHV Expo Group. The tag ensures optimal control over the lifecycle and quality of the tarpaulins. Stock management, production logistics and supply chain production improvements have been realized.

BHV Expo Group can now 'follow' their tarpaulins everywhere. www.bhvexpo.com

TMA: RFID through thought leadership, vision and strategy

Ferm RFID solutions consultants carried out exploratory research about the influence of RFID in the workplace in cooperation with CapGemini and the Trade Marketing Association. The applications turned out to be numerous and the advantages are obvious at the point of sales increase and improve customer service.

The results of this research have been published and give retailers a clear vision and practical assistance to implement RFID. www.trademarketingassociation.nl

Drents Museum: Interaction with visitors and real-time personalization

Ferm RFID solutions and the university of Groningen developed a unique RFID application for museums. Interaction and -time personalization are the main focus of this application. The Drents Museum can offer new services to its visitors and an extra dimension is added to experience of the visitors by using a bio-degradable RFID card that Ferm RFID solutions has developed.

Visitors can activate several processes in the museum by using the card. The available information can be adapted to the preferences of the visitors. Consider the possibility of suggesting the ideal route or pointing out hotspots. After the visit at the museum the visitor can be offered additional information through the internet that is tailored to his/her preferences.

This possibility offers new opportunities in the field of marketing strategies. In the museum branch the application are world-wide unique. Download the case study (PDF). www.drentsmuseum.nl

ProRail: Tracking and Tracing assets around railroads

Together with ProRail Ferm RFID solutions has developed a RFID solution in 2010/2011 that increases the safety around the railroads and simplifies the asset management. Also large savings are realized in the field of management and maintenance, supply chain management and stock management.

As the first internationally, Ferm RFID solutions has shown that tags can still be read at the speed of 140km/h when the reader is underneath the train. www.prorail.nl

Eneco: tracking & tracing of assets

Ferm RFID solutions performed a business case study, a strategy workshop and a architecture study for Joulz (part of Eneco) The studies showed that RFID can help Joulz to realize large savings in the field of asset- and supply chain management, stock management, management and maintenance. www.eneco.com

IHC Merwede: efficient production and increased safety

Ferm RFID solutions has performed several RFID studies and pilots within the context of the project “Integraal Samenwerken” (Merged Cooperation). The project was meant to improve the cooperation between partners in shipping.

In the case of shipyard IHC Merwede RFID will increase the safety of the employees. RFID ensures a transparent supply chain and a more efficient productions process in terms of stock management, logistics and proof of delivery. www.ihcmerwede.com

Centraal boekhuis: tracking & tracing of books

Centraal boekhuis is the largest distributor of books in the Netherlands. Ferm RFID solutions has designed a RFID production line to tag, print and code books. Ferm was responsible for the RFID processes, the applications, the architecture, infrastructure and the development of the tags. Ferm RFID solutions was the one of the first RFID experts in Europe to apply RFID on item level.

Centraal boekhuis now manages the process by itself and can read an ISBN code automatically within just a second, print the RFID label and apply this on the book through a proprietary applicator. The results are outstanding. The transparence in the chain and stock management are optimal.

Wages are decreased and Centraal boekhuis’ service is improved. Centraal boekhuis’ turnover has increased significantly.  www.centraalboekhuis.com

Ice-World: customer relations and tracking & tracing of assets

Ferm RFID solutions develops a variety of RFID applications in cooperation with Ice-World. The applications are to support and improve business processes in terms of asset management, logistics and management and maintenance.

Also the applications are aimed to increase the fun and experience of the visitors at the ice rink and to improve the customer service.  www.ice-world.nl

MS Schippers: tracking & tracing of pigs

Ferm RFID solutions develops eartags for pigs in cooperation with MS Schippers. The tag is processed in the eartag during the spraying process. This is a technological challenge since the temperature usually rises up to 240*C. At the moment Ferm RFID solutions attends the test phase and plans for implementation are being developed.

As soon as the tag is implemented MS Schippers will dispose of a lasting and robust solution that can be read in bulk and at great distances. The pigs can be followed through the whole chain in all circumstances. Turnover increases will result from the advantages made in the field of logistics, goods management and food safety. www.msschippers.com

‘t Lage Land Ziekenhuis: tracking & tracing of assets

Ferm RFID solutions supports several hospitals in the adoption of a RFID vision and strategy. For ‘t Lange Land Hospital a  roadmap was developed. This roadmap will serve as a guideline for process improvement over the next few years.

Ferm RFID solutions envisions spectacular possibilities in the field of patient safety, internal logistics, management and maintenance, asset management and proof of delivery. Ferm RFID solutions is convinced that RFID will be expanding within the health sector. www.langeland.nl

Industrial laundry: development of a washable RFID-tag

Ferm RFID Solutions and several industrial laundering companies have developed several washable RFID tags together.

These tags are being tested for different washing processes. Some prototypes can endure the washing process for more than a year.

Floriculture: development environmentally friendly RFID tag

Ferm RFID Solutions is developing a environmentally friendly RFID label for different organizations in floriculture.

Since the margins in floriculture are small and the volumes are large the final label will be one of the most inexpensive RFID solutions in the Netherlands.